Heavenly Glory

11-01-2021NewsletterDeacon Dave Knebelsberger, Provisional Coordinator

Brothers and sisters,

We have a wonderful gathering planned for tomorrow afternoon! Not only will we celebrate All Saints’ Day with the children processing in with the Heavenly Branch banners, but we will also have four couples from the Formation District make their Underway Commitment with the hope of going Full Covenant at our next Convocation! Most of these couples have been with us for several years, so this will be exciting to have them make this commitment as we are joined together with our Heavenly Branch! Instead of having a party at the Center after the gathering, there will be an All Saints’ Day celebration and procession in the neighborhood starting at 6:00pm at the Spenla’s house followed by drinks and cookies in our driveway. I hope you can all make a special effort to attend this very special gathering and celebration afterward!